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16 E1 + Ethernet PDH Optical Multiplexer

Orion Telecom Networks Inc.  offers VCL-16 E1 + Ethernet PDH Opical Multiplexer is a point to point high performance optical line transmission equipment, combines 16, ITU-T G.703 compliant standard electrical E1s plus 100BaseT ethernet signal into an optical data stream for transport over fiber optic pairs. Several transmitter options for different cable types and wave-lengths are available. 1+1 optical path redundancy is offered and available as an option.

Features and Highlights

  • Integrated E1 Plus Ethernet Optical Multiplexer
  • Compact design that performs E1 and Ethernet channel multiplexing & de-multiplexing to an optical output
  • Provides visible and audible alarm indication
  • Provide Remote power detection (RPD)
  • Low power consumption
  • Orderwire (EOW) channel for end to end installation and maintenance
  • Local and remote loop back test for diagnostics
  • 1+1 Fiber Path protection
  • ALS (Auto Laser Shutdown) facility for eye safety.
  • 10/100M Ethernet Port - 100 Mbps Ethernet data transmission rate complies with IEEE 802.3
  • E1 is available with 120 Ohms (RJ45) or 75 Ohms (BNC)
  • Supports auto negotiation and flow control (pause)
  • Clock options: internal/loop-timed.

Application Diagram

Technical Specifications

Electrical Interface E1
Channel capacity Upto 16E1
Bit rate 2.048 Mbps + 50 ppm
Line code HDB3
Frame Structure As per G.704
Electrical Interface As per G.703
Nominal impedance 120 Ohms balanced / 75 Ohms unbalanced (optional)
Jitter character ITU-T G.742, G.823 compliant
Connectors DB37 interface with RJ-45 connectors (120 balanced)
DB37 interface with BNC coaxial connectors (75 unbalanced)


Type of Transmitter Class 1 Laser
Transmitter power ≥ - 3dBm, ≥ - 6dBm, - 9dBm options, as ordered
Bit rate 155 Mbps
Wavelength 1310/1550nm (optional)
Optical connector FC/PC
Receiver Sensitivity ≤ - 36 dBm
Typical output power - 9dBm
Fully Compliant with ITU-T G.957, G.958 Specification
Class 1 Laser Product, Compliant with IEC 60825-1
Compliant with Telcordia (Bellcore) GR-468-CORE


  • Class 1 Laser
  • Auto Laser Shut Down in the event of fiber break

Ethernet Interface
10/100 BaseT (Optional)

Number of Interfaces 1
Interface RJ45 Ethernet 10BaseT or 100BaseT-TX (auto sensing)
Compliance Ethernet Version 2.0 IEEE802.3
10Base-T & 100Base-TX Activity, Full/half duplex
Interface Rate 100 Mbps Ethernet data transmission rate
Connector RJ-45
Flow Control Pause

Order Wire Interface

Phone set Standard 2-wire phone set
Bandwidth 64Kb/s
Coding PCM

Power Supply

Power Input AC, DC, AC + DC
DC power DC - 48V(-36~-72V) / DC 24V optional
AC power AC 220V (185~265V)
Power consumption 18 Watts maximum


Temperature 500C ~ +550C for operation
400C to +700C for storage
Humidity 5% to 95% (350C)

Mechanical Specification

Width 440 mm
Depth 202 mm
Height 43.5 mm
Weight 2 Kg.
Rack Type EIA 19-Inch

Ordering Information

Product Description Part No.

VCL-16E1 + Ethernet PDH Optical Multiplexer
19" Metal box / case 1U High Rack Mount Version
Supports :
- 16 x E1 [120Ω OR 75Ω 2xDB37 (M)]
- 1 x Ethernet [100Mbps, Electrical RJ45 (F)]
- 2 x Optical [155Mbps, Duplex FC, 1310nm, 40Km, SMF]
- 1 x 100-240V AC Power Supply Input
- 1 x (-) 48V DC Power Supply Input
- 1 x Systems Core Cables, Installation Accessories,
Documentation, System User Manual etc (Set)


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