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Product Description

Orion Telecom Networks Inc. offers the VCL-30, 2Mbps - 30 Channel E1, Drop-Insert Multiplexer provides full range of POTS (voice) and digital data services to subscribers located at different locations, requiring to interconnect and establish a voice and data network over an E1 link.

E1, Drop-Insert Multiplexer

The VCL-30 is a simple, yet powerful E1 Channel Bank for connecting and integrating analog communication equipment with digital E1 services.

The VCL-30, E1, Drop-Insert Multiplexer provides voice telephony and digital data services which may include:

  • Voice Telephony (FXO, FXS, E&M)
  • Data Communication (V.35, V.24, 64Kbps Co-directional, BRI ISDN “U” Interface, iDSL (ISDN DSL) leased line interface, 10BaseT Ethernet)
  • Wireless (Cellular, Microwave Radio) Communication
  • Interconnecting computer terminals
  • Interconnecting LAN (Local Area Networks)
  • Providing leased data lines and real-time video links to subscribers at speeds ranging from 64Kbps up to 1.024Mbps, using the "N"x64, V.35 data interface card

The available data interface options include:

  • G.703, co-directional, synchronous data interface @ 64Kbps.
  • V.35, synchronous data interface @ 64Kbps. "N" x 64Kbps, V.35, user configurable, synchronous data interface. The value of "N" may by configured by the user according to bandwidth requirements.
  • V.24 / RS232, asynchronous data interface for low-speed data applications ranging from 300Bps to 19.2Kbps.
  • BRI ISDN “U” Interface
  • iDSL (ISDN DSL) leased line interface
  • 10BaseT Ethernet

The system also supports a full range of voice interfaces with user programmable speech output levels, which include:

  • 2-wire analog voice interface (FXO, FXS) for subscriber dial-up applications.
  • 2 wire and 4 wire E&M interface(s) for connecting large PABX(s) , or, for inter-connecting analog telephone switches.
  • Configuring any two voice (FXS - FXS) channels to provide Hotline facility.

The VCL-30 E1 Interface operates at a primary rate of 2.048 Mbits / Sec and provides a host of features including, channel drop and insert facility over a network of VCL-30, E1 Multiplexer, for voice and data applications.

The VCL-30 has an effective, Windows based "Network Management System", which may be used for configuring the system, subsequent remote monitoring and management of the inter-connected systems in the network.

An extensive set of alarms, for easy maintenance are provided in the system.


  • Voice and Digital Data services.
  • Any combination ("mix-n-match") of Voice and Digital Data services deployed from a single VCL-30 "Smart Shelf".
  • Drop and Insert applications.
  • Digital Data option may be used for internet access or video conferencing application.
  • Wireless applications including Cellular Networks.
  • Digital Microwave Radio.
  • SCADA applications.
  • Frame Relay circuit termination.
  • Powerful Network Management System for monitoring and network control.
  • Compliance with all relevant ITU-T (CCITT) recommendations.


  • Field upgrade possible to provide voice, data or both services.
  • Flexibility on use of transmission medium - copper, fiber, or wireless.
  • Choice of Interfaces for Data Applications.
  • RS-232, PC Interface "Network Control And Management Software".
  • Channel assignment independent of slot position in the subrack.
  • Extensive set of alarms.
  • Synchronization to different user selectable clock sources (User Selectable Priority Assignment).
  • 3U high, compact construction.

Transmission Medium

The VCL-30 offers an excellent flexibility on the choice of transmission medium over which it may be deployed. The transmission medium can be either of the following:

  • Ordinary copper cable pairs.
  • Optical fiber cables.
  • Wireless, for deploying voice, data or video conferencing services.

Application of VCL-30

  • POTS (voice), digital data, or real-time video conferencing services (V.35 high-speed data port allows point-to-point network solutions for providing a video conferencing channel of up to 1024Kbps).
  • Junction Mux - for digital interconnection of analog exchanges.
  • Drop & Insert applications.
  • Wireless network applications.
  • High-speed data ports for digital communication links providing Leased Lines access to Internet Service Provider (ISPs) with speeds ranging from 64Kbps up to 1024Kbps. (V.35 Interface)
  • Micro-Cellular infrastructure applications for providing cell-switch connectivity.
  • Wide area networking.
  • Internet Access over POTS lines - All POTS interfaces operate @ 64Kbps and support V.34 (33.6Kbps download) transmission standards for analog dial-up modems.

User Configurable Interface Card

Voice Interfaces

  • POTS service from a Central Office Switch. (FXO & FXS)
  • Hot Line (FXS - FXS).
  • 2 Wire and 4 Wire, E&M applications.
  • 30W, sine wave, 86VRMS Ringer. 

Data Interfaces

  • V.35 (64Kbps Synchronous Data) - 2 Interfaces (Dual Port) per card.
  • N x 64 ("N" x 64Kbps Synchronous Data - One Interface per card).
  • G.703 (64Kbps Synchronous Data) - 2 Interfaces (Dual Port) per card.
  • V.24 (up to 19.2Kbps Synchronous /Asynchronous Data) 2 Interfaces (Dual Port) per card.
  • BRI ISDN “U” Interface
  • iDSL (ISDN DSL) leased line interface
  • 10BaseT Ethernet

Mechanical Specification

Rack Mounting

Standard 19 Inch. DIN Rack








7.50 Kg.

System Composition

  • Control Card 1
  • Control Card 2
  • Power Supply Card
  • Backplane
  • 19-Inch Shelf

Slot 1

Power Supply Card

Slot 2

Ringer Card

Slot 3 to 17

Voice/Data Interface Cards

Slot 18

Control Card 1

Slot 19

Control Card 2

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Technical specifications are subject to change without notice.
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VCL-30 Product Brochure (PDF)

Technical Specification

E1 Voice-Data Drop-Insert Multiplexer with FXO, FXS, E&M, RS232, V.35, Ethernet

STM-1 SDH Add Drop Multiplexer with E1, T1, E3, E4, DS3, STM-1e, STM-1o, 10/100 BaseT Ethernet
PRI ISDN Q.931 Multiplexer with FXS Interface
E3, 2/34 PDH Multiplexer

GSM Gateway / GSM Channel Banks

Echo Cancellers and Voice Quality Enhancement

Digital Access Cross Connect Switch (DACS)

Groomers (Hi-Z Non-Instrusive Monitoring)

STM SDH Multiplexer
Optical Transmission
E1, T1, E3, DS3, Ethernet Converters
APS (1+1) Automatic
Protection Switch
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